Clay County Sheriff's Office

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Crime Prevention

Tips, tricks and many helpful facts to help you not be a victim of crime.

!** SCAM ALERT **!

We want to alert you to a phone scam that is going on in Clay County where our citizens are being targeted.

It starts with the scam artists calling and claiming to be a family member or that one of your family members are in jail or hurt and that they need money sent right away. They will request you to wire money to them to “help” your family member. Often times the caller will not want you to make any calls to verify that the person is actually in need of the money. Later on people realize that the family member was not in any kind of trouble or even where the caller claimed they were.

If someone that you don’t know calls and claims that someone in your family is in jail or hurt, get a number to call them back. You will be encouraged not to call the person in question and may even be told it will make things much worse for them. This is a lie. Hang up. Call the family member that is supposed to be in trouble to verify the information and then contact the Sheriff’s Office.