Clay County Sheriff's Office

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Citizens Academy

Out next Citizens Academy will be starting March.  We are now accepting Citizens Academy Applications.  

Clay County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Vic Davis




Citizens Academy



The Clay County Sheriff’s Office Citizens Academy is a unique, hands-on program designed to educate and inform Clay residents about how the Sheriff’s Office works.


There is no charge for this program, but because of significant time commitments for participants and County staff, there is a minimum attendance requirement.  Applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to participate.


Some basic knowledge and familiarity with computers is helpful as class materials are posted on the Sheriff’s Office website at and email is often used to communicate with the class.


Thank you for your interest in the Citizens Academy.


(Please print or type)


Full Name:_________________________________________Male______Female_____

Home Address:___________________________________City___________Zip_______

Home Phone:_________________________Business Phone:______________________

Birth Place:__________________________Date of Birth:_________________________

Employer Name & Address (if applicable):_____________________________________

Email Address:_________________________________Years in Clay County:________

Personal History – short biographies are compiled on each participant to allow class members to get to know each other.  Please tell us about yourself, i.e. interests, accomplishments, community involvement, etc. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________





Please list any civic, professional, religious, social or other organizations in which you are a member.  If new to Clay County, you may include activities form your prior residence.



What do you hope to learn from the Citizens Academy? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Can you attend all sessions?  Yes ____ No ____ If no, please explain ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Upon completion of the academy, would you be interested in participating in our volunteer program at the Sheriff’s Office?  Yes ____ No ____


Emergency Contact:  (name, relationship to applicant and telephone number) ________________________________________________________________________


Please RETURN to:  Clay County Sheriff’s Office

                                    Citizens’ Academy

                                    P.O. Box 720

                                    Hayesville, NC  28904


                         Email to

I hereby give my permission for the Clay County Sheriff’s Office to use any still photography or video footage in which I may appear for whatever purposes deemed appropriate.  I do this voluntarily and with the understanding there is no remuneration.  In addition, I release the Sheriff’s Office and the County of Clay from any liability involved in transporting me to and from County properties.




Signature of Applicant                                                           Date