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Detention Center Job Opening

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*****Job Opening*****

The Clay County Detention Center is now hiring part-time detention officers. The starting pay is $11.72 ($12.72 if the applicant is certified in Detention) and the hours vary. This is an on-call/part-time position. Seeking individuals who have a reliable means of transportation, reliable child care, and are available to work day or night.

Applicants must be:

• At least 21 years of age (with valid Driver’s License)

• A citizen of the United States

• High School Graduate (or have a G.E.D.)

• Pass a Criminal Background Check

• Pass Drug Screening

Applications can be picked up at the Clay County Sheriff's Office or the Clay County Detention Center on Monday-Friday from 8:00 A. M.-5:00 P.M.

We do request that if interested in the detention officer position, that you fully complete the application and turn it in to the Sheriff’s Office. Lt. Ledford and Capt. Crisp will review all applications. If the applicant meets the requirements listed above, they will be considered for employment. Any further questions or concerns about the position can be discussed in the initial interview. Thank you.


Drug Problem

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Sheriff Addresses Drug Epidemic

The U.S. is experiencing a drug use epidemic and both North Carolina and Clay County are feeling the effects. In the U.S. since 1999 more than 165,000 people have died from opioid overdoses. There are more than 650,000 opioid prescriptions dispensed daily. Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50. Over two million Americans are dependent on opioids.

The US declared the war on drugs back in the 80’s and the problem has grown dramatically worse since then. They pass laws and expect law enforcement to solve the problem and it has not worked. Addiction cannot be cured simply by arresting people. From 1999 to 2016 more than 12,000 North Carolinians died from opioid related overdoses at a cost of 1.3 billion dollars. Heroin, fentanyl, and carfentanil are the leading cause of the increase in overdoses. Carfentanil is an elephant tranquilizer that is 5000 times stronger than Heroin.

In Clay County, just since January 1, 2011, the Sheriff’s Office has made 980 drug arrests and drugs are directly related to many other crimes that we are experiencing in the county. The Sheriff’s Office has arrested a lot of drug dealers, but as long as people want drugs someone will be there to sell drugs to them.

This problem must be fought through education, law enforcement, and rehabilitation. We have started a program in the detention center with Rock Bottom Recovery to council inmates that want to get off drugs. Our deputies will soon have Narcan in our patrol vehicles. Narcan is used to save lives by reversing the effects of an opioid overdose victim.

We are also in the process of starting a program with the use of a drug called Vivitrol, which is non-addictive and blocks the receptors in the brain from the effects of opioids. For those inmates that desire to break the bondage of addiction, they will receive a shot of Vivitrol upon release and will be given instructions for follow-up at the Balsam Center.

I have been arresting drug dealers and users for 46 years and have worked with state and federal agencies and the problem just grows worse because of the demand and availability of the drugs. The medical profession must get a handle on the over prescribing of opioid pain killers, and our legislators and courts need to clamp down on the dealers of illegal narcotics.

We, as a community, need to come together and address the addiction problem we have and will continue to face.

Manhunt ends in arrest of Robert Parker

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After an extensive manhunt, Sheriff Davis is pleased to announce the apprehension of Robert Parker.

Monday morning started off with investigators following up on the larceny of a Polaris UTV, when another report of a larceny came in; this time it was a Kubota Tractor. Evidence for both was pointing to the fact that Parker was involved. Thankfully both the UTV and the tractor were recovered Monday morning said Sheriff Davis.

While investigators were processing the scene where the UTV was recovered near Young Harris, a Silver Mustang pulled up and a man with a shaved head was driving it, but he quickly left the area. Deputies had just received information that Parker would possibly be in a Silver Mustang without a license plate, and they had confirmed that he had shaved his head. Georgia law enforcement was notified and a combined effort to locate the vehicle failed.

This same afternoon, deputies responded to a break in at a residence on Hwy 64 East. A man by the name of Robert Byrd was discovered there and arrested for misdemeanor breaking and entering.

As deputies were leaving that scene a Silver Mustang with no tag displayed drove by; the driver had a shaved head. Knowing Parker has a tendency to run, the deputy waited until other deputies were in the area before trying to stop the vehicle, but that did not work out. The vehicle turned onto Ledford Chapel and the deputy followed behind, in front of the church the vehicle turned around and came back toward Hwy 64 at a high rate of speed. The deputy turned on his blue lights in an attempt to stop the vehicle but it went off the side of the road and kept going onto Hwy 64.

Deputies maintained sight of the vehicle onto Downings Creek Road, but lost him there. A short time later, deputies located the vehicle on Peckerwood Road and another chase was on. After a short chase, deputies lost the vehicle again, but later spotted the male running up the side of the mountain on Cold Branch Road.

A perimeter was set up and road checks were put in place while deputies waited for a blood hound from Union County to track the suspect. The K9 arrived but eventually lost the track, but it did send deputies in the direction to focus their search.

After three hours of searching, a vehicle pulled up to a check point on Tusquittee Road where a male identified as Parker jumped out and ran into the woods up the mountain. Deputies chased him back down the mountain and through a field. Deputies were able to coordinate and box Parker in, and after a short fight he was taken into custody off of Stamey Cove Road.

Parker was arrested and served the outstanding warrants he already had: Felony Larceny, Felony Possession of Stolen Goods, Two Counts of Felony Flee to Elude Arrest, Felony Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Four Counts of Resisting Public Officer, and Failing to Heed Light or Siren. He is currently being held in the Clay County Detention Center under a $100,000 bond, and has a September 26, 2017, court date. Other charges are pending in this matter.

Sheriff Davis wants to express his gratitude to the North Carolina Highway Patrol, Towns County Sheriff’s Office, and Union County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Davis said, “We have been looking for Parker for some time now, but have really focused efforts over the past week. Without the cooperation and assistance of these other agencies this would never have happened.” Sheriff Davis wanted to also take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Clay County for the tips and information they have provided while looking for Parker, and for their cooperation and understand during the road checks yesterday that led to his apprehension.