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Great E-mail sent to CCSO

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This is an email Sheriff Davis received today that he wanted to share.

Hello Sheriff Davis,

With all the negative publicity law enforcement gets today, I think it is important to speak up about the positive experiences as well. Yesterday, our family spent the day at the lake, at the Jack Rabbit campground area. At the end of the day, our vehicle wouldn’t start and we found ourselves stranded. We flagged down the first vehicle that drove by and it happened to be a Clay County Sheriff’s car.

Sgt. Dan Sherrill pulled over to offer assistance. At first we assumed that our car battery was dead, so Sgt. Sherrill tried to jump the vehicle for us. Soon, other officers showed up and continued to try to help us figure out what was wrong with the vehicle since it wouldn’t jump start. These officers stayed with us awhile and went out of their way to ensure we were going to be alright. In addition to Sgt. Sherrill, there was a K-9 officer, a Forest Service Enforcement Officer, and another unmarked sheriff’s vehicle/officer. Each of these officers took time out of their day to assist in anyway they could. The Forest Service Officer (I’m so sorry I didn’t catch his name!) even stayed later and helped us get our jet skis and trailer secured because our vehicle wasn’t capable of doing so.

We know very well that these officers did not have to do anything for us in this situation, but they did. Although it may seem like no big deal to some, it just goes to show that these officers are good people with caring hearts. All too often this gets overshadowed by one person’s bad experience that gets blown out of proportion in the media. We want you ALL to know that we sincerely appreciate your service, in every way - even in the little things. These small acts of kindness speak to the true nature of our civil servants and they should know it does not go unrecognized.

Thank you all and God Bless,

Carrie P

Great job Sheriff!

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Several weeks ago there was an article in The Progress on Jeremiah Elliot Forbes in reference to outstanding warrants for his arrest for larceny and non-payment of child support. On Monday August 7, 2017, Forbes was arrested due to efforts of Sheriff Davis himself.


Sheriff Davis observed a vehicle committing a traffic violation and once it was stopped it was discovered that Forbes was in it. Sheriff Davis said, “I was glad to see another one of our fugitives brought to justice”. Sheriff Davis also said he is grateful to those in the community that provided information as to Forbes’ whereabouts, and encourages community members to continue to send tips into the Sheriff’s Office about fugitives or any other crimes that occur.


Forbes is currently being held in the Clay County Detention Center on a $31,532 bond.


Recovery and Support for Inmates

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Sheriff Davis is pleased to announce the Clay County Detention Center is now offering a recovery and support group for inmates. The group will meet on Fridays and is geared towards post release assistance, but is a way for inmates to start treatment while in custody. This program is for those who truly want to receive freedom from the bondage of addiction and seek counseling pertaining to recovery.

This is being coordinated through Rock Bottom Recovery and Support (RBRS). RBRS was created from a desire to reach out to anyone suffering from addiction. They want to help those who are actively going through an addiction, and those that have a family member or friend walking through it as well. RBRS does not want anyone to walk through an addiction alone. Their mission statement is “to reach the unreachable, show love to the ones labeled as unlovable, and to give hope to the hopeless”.

Sheriff Davis said law enforcement has been fighting the drug problem in this country for many years and the problem is continuing to grow. It’s my belief that the drug problem needs to be addressed on three fronts: education, enforcement, and rehabilitation.

By allowing this support group access to the inmates in our facility to begin recovery, counseling prior to their release and a treatment resource after release; may get some of the inmates on the road to recovery from addition. Drug dealers would not exist without addicts to sell too said Sheriff Davis.

For more information about the group in the detention center contact Lt. Ledford at 389-8207. For more information about Rock Bottom Recovery and Support contact Stacie Ledford at (706) 897-8624 or email at [email protected]

Auxiliary Awards and Picnic

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On June 24, 2017, Sheriff Davis held an appreciation picnic for the Sheriff’s Auxiliary Unit. The Auxiliary Unit is comprised of graduates from the Sheriff’s Citizens Academy. They volunteered over 1600 hours last year, and by doing so they saved the County over $18,000 helping with non-sworn activities. The Auxiliary is also a non-profit organization and raised $14,000 which purchased body cameras for the deputies. They are also in the process of raising money to pay for heat sensor unit for our K-9 unit vehicles.

Recognized for being officers where Hank Bomberger (President), Barry Oliver (Vice President), and Robert Stetson (Treasurer). Also recognized for having more than 100 hours of volunteer service were Hank Bomberger, Barry Oliver, Ron Jakelis, Rob Stoy, and George Leduc.

Present at the picnic were several members of the Auxiliary and their families, Sheriff Davis and several of his deputies and staff, and Chairman of the Clay County Board of Commissioners Clay Logan.

Sheriff Davis said he is glad to see the Auxiliary program doing well. It gives community members a different way to serve their community and help the Sheriff’s Office in its mission at the same time.

Randall Scott Ashley Arrest

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Trespassing Leads to Seizing Drugs and Stolen Guns

Clay County Sheriff’s Deputies recently responded to George Sorrells Road in reference to trespassing. Upon their arrival and initial investigation, deputies discovered one of the individuals trespassing had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Randall Scott Ashley, 46 of Hayesville, was arrested for Felony Possession of Stolen Goods stemming from an investigation earlier this year where a camper was stolen.

According to Sheriff Davis, investigators were called to the scene due to some possible stolen items being located. During their investigation they recovered stolen property that included several stolen firearms; methamphetamine was also located.

In addition to the warrant, Ashley was charged with Felony Receiving Stolen Goods, Felony Larceny, three counts of Felony Possession of Stolen Firearms. He received a total of $47,000 in bonds which he has already made.

Sheriff Davis said there was also a female involved; Wendy Robar, 36 of Hayesville, was also arrested and charged in the incident. She was charged with Felony Receiving Stolen Goods, Felony Larceny, three counts of Felony Possession of Stolen Firearms, Possession of Methamphetamine, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. She has also made $32,000 in bonds.

On Tuesday June 6, 2017, Sheriff Davis said deputies responded to the same address on George Sorrells Road where they found Ashley to be trespassing again. Ashley was arrested and charged with First Degree Trespassing and received a $5,000 bond which he has already made. He has a June 12, 2017 court date.

May Citizens Academy Graduates

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The Clay County Sheriff's Office would like to congratulate the 8th Citizens Academy graduates.