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Randall Scott Ashley Arrest

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Trespassing Leads to Seizing Drugs and Stolen Guns

Clay County Sheriff’s Deputies recently responded to George Sorrells Road in reference to trespassing. Upon their arrival and initial investigation, deputies discovered one of the individuals trespassing had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Randall Scott Ashley, 46 of Hayesville, was arrested for Felony Possession of Stolen Goods stemming from an investigation earlier this year where a camper was stolen.

According to Sheriff Davis, investigators were called to the scene due to some possible stolen items being located. During their investigation they recovered stolen property that included several stolen firearms; methamphetamine was also located.

In addition to the warrant, Ashley was charged with Felony Receiving Stolen Goods, Felony Larceny, three counts of Felony Possession of Stolen Firearms. He received a total of $47,000 in bonds which he has already made.

Sheriff Davis said there was also a female involved; Wendy Robar, 36 of Hayesville, was also arrested and charged in the incident. She was charged with Felony Receiving Stolen Goods, Felony Larceny, three counts of Felony Possession of Stolen Firearms, Possession of Methamphetamine, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. She has also made $32,000 in bonds.

On Tuesday June 6, 2017, Sheriff Davis said deputies responded to the same address on George Sorrells Road where they found Ashley to be trespassing again. Ashley was arrested and charged with First Degree Trespassing and received a $5,000 bond which he has already made. He has a June 12, 2017 court date.

May Citizens Academy Graduates

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The Clay County Sheriff's Office would like to congratulate the 8th Citizens Academy graduates.  

Counterfeit Money

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On January 31, 2017, the Clay County Sheriff???s Office received a report of counterfeit money being used at the Warne Kwik Stop. On the same day, the Sheriff???s Office received a report of counterfeit money being used at the Dollar General in Hayesville. Sheriff Davis said Clay County Sheriff???s Investigators immediately began working on the case. It appears someone attempted to pass a $50 bill at the Warne Kwik Stop and someone tried to pass a few $5 bills at the Dollar General. Thanks to the clerk at the Dollar General being quick witted, Investigators were able to get a vehicle and person description of one person that was passing the fake bills. Sheriff Davis said it took a little leg work, but after following up on the vehicle information and some other leads, Investigators were able to come up with a suspect that they subsequently charged. Courtney Lynn Moss, 40, of Warne was charged with Felony Forgery of Instrument. She has already made a $3,000 bond. Sheriff Davis said there is always potential for more counterfeit bills to be out there and wants everyone to be aware and vigilant, especially those taking cash at stores. The United States Secret Service has an excellent form that can be downloaded at This form can be printed and placed where you take money to help determine if you are receiving counterfeit moneys. But here is a summary, U.S. currency uses 75% cotton and 25% linen and has red and blue fibers disbursed throughout the paper, so it will feel different than normal printed paper. Newer bills have off center portraits and watermarks, the watermarks are visible when held up to a light. Everything above a $2 bill has a vertical thread embedded with the denomination number on it. This is just a general overview, but Sheriff Davis would encourage everyone to look at this form to help in identifying counterfeit currency. The information will also be posted to our website and Facebook page. Remember, if you have any information about counterfeit money or any other crimes, please call us at (828) 389-2256, message us on Facebook, or email us at [email protected]

Boteler fire - Shooting Creek

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Good morning all, Here is the link to the Forest Service's website which summarizes status of the fire. It also provides additional information links which will be updated on a more frequent basis. Take note of these and use to check on the most current information.

New Scam by Telephone

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Be on the look out for a new phone scam for "Student Loan Forgiveness". They ask for personal information which should NEVER be given out over the phone such as your social security number and date of birth. If you receive one of these calls, please notify local law enforcement. If you have caller ID and able to give the phone number they called from, this will help.

Fundraiser Raffle

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The Clay County Sheriff's Auxixlary will be holding a raffle. the proceeds are to benefit speacial projects.

The prize is a Ruger 10/22 Collectors Series Rifle.  Ticket price is $5 per ticket or 6 tickets for $25.

 To contact an Auxiliary member call the Sheriff's office 828-389-6354 and we will be happy to have a member get in touch with you so you may purchase your tickets. The drawing will be held at noon, Clay County Sheriff's Office on December 5, 2015.

Congratulations to the raffle winner, MATT DAVIS!!

Money Fishing

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On October 3rd Clay County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested 40 year old Curtis Renfro and 35 year old Bonnie Gabbard, both from Hixson, TN. For two days Deputies had been attempting to identify a male subject captured on security cameras after he was seen stealing money from a change machine at a local business. Later identified as Curtis Renfro, the male subject was using a technique commonly referred to as fishing whereby a denomination of currency is fed into a machine and retrieved with a piece of string. Renfro used this technique to steal an undisclosed dollar amount in quarters at one Hayesville business that we know of and at least one Hiawassee business as well, said Sheriff Davis. Renfro and Gabbard are currently charged with Misdemeanor Larceny and have court dates set for 11/02 in Hayesville. Sheriff Davis said the possibility of Felony charges are being explored and will be presented to the Grand Jury if prosecutors agree. Renfro has been arrested for this type of activity in the past which may be the key to charging him with a Felony. Georgia has not agreed to press charges as of yet. Sheriff Davis would like any businesses in the local area that have change machines to please review their security cameras, if available, and report suspicious activities of this type to their respective law enforcement officials.




New Website

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The new Clay County Sheriff's Office web site is up and running!

You can also view it on your smartphone @ !