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Clay County Sheriff's Office

                    EMPLOYEE OF THE WEEK
                                 July 18, 2016

Krystal Ledford is a Sergeant at the Clay County Detention Center. She married her best friend, Casey Ledford, in 2008 and they will be celebrating their eight year anniversary this August. Casey Ledford is a native of Hayesville and works as an equipment operator at Pike, LLC. His parents are Suzan and Leroy Ledford and grandparents are Rex and Marie Ledford of Hayesville. Krystal's parents are Bobby Britt and Amber Reaid and her grandparents are Priscilla Denmark and Kenneth Reaid of Acworth Georgia. Krystal was born in Marietta, Georgia and went to school in Georgia. She and her husband reside here in Clay County. The couple does not have children, but do have several nieces and nephews whom they adore! The couple is "Aunt KiKi" and "Uncle Tasey" to Rhys, Paisley, Lawson, Alexis, Kaybie, John, Isabella and Adeline. The Ledford’s are born again believers and love Jesus with all their hearts.

Ledford started her career in law enforcement in 2013 at the Clay County Sheriff's Office where she began working as a Detention Officer. At the time she was hired, Krystal had been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and weighed less than a hundred pounds. She was determined not to let her health hold her back and Sheriff Vic Davis chose to give her an opportunity. Through hard work and dedication Krystal quickly proved herself to be an asset to the Detention Center. Ledford attended the Detention Officer Certification Course at Southwestern Community College in Franklin. There she was selected by the Dean of Public Safety Training, Curtis Dowdle, to be interviewed and have it published in several newspapers about her experience and triumphs during the extensive training program offered at the Public Safety Training Center. Ledford was selected as Detention Officer of the year in 2015, as voted on by her co-workers. In 2016, she was promoted to Sergeant and shortly after, Ledford was tasked to become the first FTO (Field Training Officer) of the Clay County Detention Center. She is currently designing the first field training manual for the Clay County Detention Center with the help of Sergeant Bobby Young of Macon County Detention and Assistant Administrator Dani Moody of the Clay County Detention Center. Ledford is responsible for overseeing new hires and ensuring that they receive quality training.

In addition to overseeing the training of new hires, Ledford’s daily responsibilities include supervision of other detention officers, handling of inmate requests, and making sure inmates properly take their medication. Sometimes inmates need to be transported for medical reasons or an individual is under an involuntary commitment that needs to be transported to a mental health facility. As a Sergeant, Ledford is tasked with making sure this is taken care of properly during her shift.

Ledford chose to get in to Law enforcement because she wanted to beak an unfortunate family cycle. Ledford's motto is simply stated "You are not a victim to your environment. You're not a cage animal. You have a choice." She hopes to serve the citizens of Clay County as an example that through faith in God, will power, sacrifice, and a desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others, you are capable of making a huge impact in your community.


On April 8th, the 6th graders from Hayesville Middle School had a Health Fair day that included many guest speakers. The Clay County Sheriff's Office School Resource Officers, Melissa Mariano and Donovan Byers, with the help of Lieutenant Donnie Robinson from the Detention Center, spoke with them about internet safety. They showed how important it was to know who you are speaking with on the internet because it may not be who you think it is. They also talked about the dangers of sharing too much information on-line and how once information is out there, it stays there.


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295 Courthouse Drive, Hayesville NC 28904

Welcome to the Clay County Sheriff's Office web site.  The purpose of this site is to introduce you to the Sheriff's Office and the many services that we provide the community.

I consider it my duty as Sheriff to see that the citizens of Clay County are provided the very best service we can and strive to earn the trust you have placed in all of us.  All of the employees of the CCSO take pride in our jobs and never forget that we and our families are also part of the community that we are sworn to keep safe.

Thank you for taking the opportunity to learn the many facets of our office.  We welcome and appreciate your suggestions and support in our quest to make Clay County an even safer place to live, work and raise our families.  Please feel free to call my office anytime to discuss any concerns you might have.


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